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Why you need My Armor Mattress Protector? 
Did you just buy an Expensive Mattress? Do you enjoy an occasional snack in Bed? Do you have children at home? Do you want to protect your investment and do not want a permanent stain or odour? If Yes, then you should have a Mattress Protector for a peace of mind and good sleeping environment for you and your family. My Armor Mattress protector guards your mattress against fluids, urine, and perspiration. 

Return Period: 30 Days After Delivery 

Warranty Period: 1 Year Exclusive Warranty

How My Armor Mattress Protector Is Better? 

  • 220GSM + Terry Cotton Fabric. Almost all other products are around 165-180 GSM. More the GSM better is the quality. It also make it more durable. 

  • Fabric is made from Premium Quality combed cotton. 

  • 30 Day Exclusive return policy. 

  • Exclusive 1 Year Warranty on Purchase. 

  • Rounded Fit on the corners makes it fit seamlessly with your mattress. 

  • Extra deep skirting and expert tailoring for durable finish and repeated washing. 

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Waterproof Mattress Protector

(220+ GSM) (Cotton Terry Material)

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