Size and MRP:

Size : 900g

Price : Rs. 240


My Armor Epsom Salt is Lab Tested 100% Pure, USP Grade Magnesium Sulphate(Epsom Salt). It is Ideal Bath Additive to give you the relaxing bath and sooth the muscle pain after long workouts. Go ahead and experience the most relaxing bath. 


  • Relieves muscle pain and aches

  • Relaxes tiering feet

  • Great for Gardening

  • Eliminates Toxics from skin

  • Sooth and Cleanses Skin


  • 100% Pure, USP Grade Magnesium Suphate

  • Free 35ml Scoop and Silica gel

  • No Moisture | No Lumps

  • Dissolves Quickly

EPSOM SALT (100% Pure, USP Grade)

How to Use: 

  • Foot Spa : Mix 2 Scoops of My Armor Epsom Salt in warm water, mix to dissolve. Soak your feet for 10 mins to help soothe foot aches and soften rough skin.

  • Shower : In a Bucket filled with Warm water. Add 2 Scoops of My Armor Epsom Salt and 1 tablespoon Shower gel. Massage onto wet skin. Rub and Soften skin for deep cleanse. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Bath and Spa : Add 3 scoops of Epsom Salt to warm running water and let it dissolve. Settle in and take a soothing bath for 20 mins to help relieve muscle stress.